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Helping Handshake become a success

Handshake project sponsors and pledges

The Handshake project recognizes the work of the Free and Open Source Software community that’s helped get the internet to where it is today. To thank them for their efforts, the Handshake project raised $10.2MM USD from project sponsors to pledge to FOSS.

  • Pledge recipients include Apache Software Foundation, Internet Archive, OpenSSL project, FSF, GNOME, and many others

  • Project sponsors include a16z, Sequoia Capital, Greylock, IDEO Colab, Founders Fund, SV Angel, and dozens of others

For Handshake to be successful, it will take a global community effort that recognizes the work of the past and builds upon it into the future.

Help drive Handshake adoption

Handshake won't work everywhere until DNS providers resolve its domains and browsers trust it as a root certificate. Handshake is controlled by no one but can be enhanced by anyone, and a strong, engaged community of open-internet citizens is necessary to build momentum for wide adoption of Handshake.

Handshake is controlled by no one but can be enhanced by anyone

Help convince browsers and search engines to resolve Handshake domains by registering your Handshake domain today!

Register your Handshake name

Register your name on Handshake—while it’s still available!—and start using it today. You’ll need to buy HNS coins to register a name.

Spread the word

Share Handshake with the communities you’re involved in. You can also visit the original Handshake page, get a name on our website, join the Namer Community, and/or check out the source code!



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