Handshake 和 Namebase

A quick overview of Handshake, HNS, and Namebase


Handshake is a naming blockchain that functions as a peer-to-peer root DNS. It's a Proof-of-Work protocol like Bitcoin, except instead of using the coins as money, you use Handshake coins (HNS) to register names on the Handshake blockchain. Handshake names are top-level domain names (.com, .net, .org). Unlike traditional domain names you can truly own your Handshake name instead of renting them, and you can register almost any name you can think of instead of being limited to a small number of extensions like .com and .org. Once you own your Handshake name it's yours forever. No one can take it from you or prevent others from accessing it.


HNS refers to Handshake coins, which are tokens on the Handshake blockchain. You use HNS to bid on Handshake names, and pay transaction fees to miners who add your transactions to the Handshake blockchain.


Namebase is a domain registrar and onramp for Handshake. Think of us as a combination of GoDaddy and Coinbase for Handshake. You can buy HNS and use it to register and manage Handshake names on our website.

Namebase did not create Handshake — we are big fans of Handshake and want to enable Handshake adoption. Handshake is a decentralized project with dozens of contributors across different individuals and organizations. You can get a sense of some of the contributors by looking at the first reference implementation for Handshake's fullnode on GitHub. As a community member, you too can get involved and officially call yourself a Director of Handshake.



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