Private naming

A guide for naming privately

You can acquire Handshake names through Namebase using only an email for signup.

Why this matters

Until now, anyone trying to buy a Handshake name using Namebase needed to complete account verification and buy HNS before doing so. It was always possible to transfer HNS from an external wallet and use that HNS to bid on names, but Namers would still need to get their HNS from somewhere. This typically meant using another exchange that required extensive verification or buying HNS OTC which carries its own risks as well.

It’s fine for users to verify their accounts in order to purchase on-chain HNS that can be traded and transferred, but sharing your private information shouldn't be necessary to get a Handshake name when you have no interest in engaging in financial transactions with an exchange. There are important situations where users may want to register censorship-resistant Handshake names privately — in those situations it could mean the difference between life or death!


Sign up

Sign up for a Namebase account at with a private email address through services like ProtonMail or public email inboxes like Mailinator (make sure to immediately enable 2FA if you use Mailinator since the inboxes are public).


Purchase HNS name credits with BTC at The HNS credits can be used to purchase Handshake names on the marketplace and to bid in Handshake name auctions, but it is important to understand that buying HNS credits does not give you the right to acquire any HNS or engage in any other transactions on Namebase until you submit additional verification information. You can always complete account verification if you would like to acquire and transact with on-chain HNS.

When buying HNS credits, we do not recommend buying more than you expect is necessary to acquire your desired names unless you are willing to provide verification information, as our legal obligations will require we collect certain information before you can withdraw or transfer funds from Namebase.

Search for names

Search for the names you want at You can buy a name on the marketplace instantly, or participate in a Handshake auction to win a name that hasn’t been registered yet.Handshake name bulk search

You now own a name on the new internet! Your domain is private, censorship-resistant, and truly owned by you instead of merely rented like in the traditional internet. You can now set up your devices to access Handshake sites and learn how to create your own websites on Handshake.

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