Decentralized website

Create a decentralized static website using Handshake and Skynet


Conceptually creating a decentralized website using Handshake is very simple. You just need to upload your static content onto a decentralized storage provider and then pin the content address to your Handshake name.

As an example, visit niccarter/ to see Nic Carter's decentralized website — he used dLinks which is a decentralized alternative to LinkTree built on Handshake and Skynet.


Follow this guide to create a decentralized blog using Skynet and Handshake

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How to pair a Handshake domain to your website on IPFS.

Dynamic websites

It's becoming increasingly possible to create fully decentralized, dynamic websites by combining decentralized naming with decentralized storage and decentralized compute. Some examples of decentralized compute networks are Akash, a decentralized marketplace for cloud compute, Ethereum, the leading smart contract blockchain, and other smart contract blockchains like Polkadot, Flow, Near, etc.

Here's an example that combines Handshake with Skynet and Akash:

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