How to use Handshake names

A walkthrough for using Handshake top-level domains

Sell your name

Find your Handshake name in the Domain Manager, select "Manage", and click the slider next to "Sell this domain" to set your name's "Buy now price" and list it for sale.

You can edit your listings' Buy now prices or remove them altogether in your Domain Manager's for sale page.

Picking your name

While some of your names may be more desirable than others, there's no reason not to list every name you own on the marketplace. Since you paid the second-highest bid price for every name that you won, you know there's at least one other bidder who's willing to purchase your name. Even if you'd only be willing to part ways with some names for 10x what you paid, you may as well list them to see whether someone will actually buy your names, especially because there's no cost for listing your names!

Promote your name

Namebase does a lot to help promote your name by emailing everyone who watched your name and/or participated in the auction as soon as you list it. With that being said, writing a compelling description for why your name is valuable will also help maximize the odds of your name getting purchased.

You can increase the likelihood that your names sells by proactively promoting your name externally as well. Here are some communities you can share your name with:

Discuss in the Namer Community the promotion channels that worked for you!

Redirect your name


Find your Handshake name in the Domain Manager, select "Manage", and fill out the "Namebase nameserver DNS records" section as shown in the example below.

Replace "SUBDOMAIN" and "URL" in the following example and be sure to include the "https://" part for your URL.

Your URL will now be accessible via your Handshake name at: "SUBDOMAIN.NAME/".

You can also add your email by replacing URL with "mailto:YOU@EMAIL.COM".

Create a Handshake site

You will need a GitHub account to create a Handshake website through Vercel or GitHub Pages. If you have not done so, please first sign up here.


Replace "SUBDOMAIN" in the following instructions with your desired subdomain, and "EXAMPLE" with your Handshake TLD name.

In the gifs, SUBDOMAIN: "home" and EXAMPLE: "johnnywu".

Sign up on Vercel with Github, import a new project with a template, and install Vercel on Github.

Create your public Github repository and add your full Handshake URL as a new domain (www.SUBDOMAIN.EXAMPLE or SUBDOMAIN.EXAMPLE).

Go to your Handshake name via the Domain Manager and create a new CNAME record in the Namebase nameserver DNS records section with Name: "www.SUBDOMAIN" and Value/Data: "". If you decided to omit the "www" and just use "SUBDOMAIN.EXAMPLE", then instead of CNAME you'll need to add an A type record with "" as the IP address.

Terminal method

Go to your Github repository, select Clone or download, and copy the link.

The rest of the steps will all be done through your Terminal.

git clone
open -a TextEdit pages/index.js

This will open up your Handshake page's .js file for editing. Once you've saved your changes, proceed with the following lines to update your page.

git add .
git commit -m "First edit"
git push origin master

Edit on GitHub

You can also just edit your website's code directly on GitHub.

GitHub Pages

Replace "EXAMPLE" in the following instructions with your Handshake name

  1. Create a new GitHub repository and name it "".

  2. In the Settings tab under the "GitHub Pages" section, click "Choose a theme" and select a theme.

  3. Go back to the "GitHub Pages" section to input "home.EXAMPLE" as your "Custom domain" and save.

  4. Now find your Handshake name in the Domain Manager, select "Manage", and "Add a new record" under the "Namebase nameserver DNS records" section with the following inputs: CNAME (Type); home (Name); (Value/data). Remember to save your settings.

Step 1: Create a new repository
Step 2: Select a theme
Step 3: Input your Handshake domain
Step 4: Change DNS records


Share a screenshot of your resolvable Handshake domain in the Namer Community to earn the <Creator> role.