Resolving Handshake

This guide walks through how to visit Handshake websites using, browsers, public Handshake DNS resolvers, and local resolvers. Each method may be more or less useful to you depending on the situation. is a simple gateway that doesn't require local software or configuration. It's useful for sharing Handshake websites publicly.


Puma Browser is a mobile browse that supports Handshake websites. Join the community to stay up-to-date on efforts to get other browsers to support Handshake as well.

Public Handshake DNS Resolvers is a public DNS resolver that supports Handshake domains. is a privacy-focused DNS resolver that blocks ads and trackers in addition to supporting Handshake. NextDNS requires that you enable Handshake in the settings to work. Follow this guide to set up NextDNS with Handshake on your devices.

Local Resolution

You can run a Handshake resolver locally using the Handshake fullnode or SPV client without relying on any third party providers. This is the most trustless way to resolve Handshake.

Resolving Handshake locally

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