is a simple gateway that lets anyone visit Handshake websites without downloading special software or changing their computer settings. It's useful for sharing Handshake websites publicly with people who haven't used Handshake before. Note that anyone can create their own gateway and use that instead of using

There are three ways to use to visit a Handshake website

  1. Go to and type in a Handshake domain in the search bar

  2. Visit{handshake_domain} in your browser

  3. Visit {handshake_domain} in your browser

Try visiting welcome.nb/ using each of the three methods above to test out!


You can resolve a root Handshake domain using HTTPS with like https:/ Note that is (currently) just a HTTP proxy so this will only secure the connection between your browser and's servers — it does not secure the connection between and the Handshake domain.

Subdomains like do not support HTTPS because Wildcard Certs only support one level (https://* is supported but not https://*.*

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