Create Handshake websites
Walkthroughs for building websites on Handshake names
One of the most straightforward use cases of Handshake names is to set up a website on them. You can also use Handshake names in these other ways.

Level 1 - No code

dLinks is a no-code way to instantly deploy a decentralized website to your Handshake name. See our dLink at namebase/.
dLinks | Namebase


Vercel offers many templates that you can use to build your website, hosted on Vercel.

Emojis and non-English names on Vercel

This tutorial was created soley by Namer skyinclude/.

Wordpress and Kinsta

This tutorial was created soley by Namer skyinclude/.

Level 2 - HTML


If you have a website on IPFS, here's how to link it to your Handshake name.
Link a domain | IPFS Docs

Any HTML file on Github Pages

Host any HTML file on your Handshake name through Github Pages. The template used in the video can be accessed at templates.nb/.
This tutorial was made possible by Namer outofthisworld/.


Deploy Apps on a Handshake name with Heroku
This tutorial was created soley by Namer rithvik/.

Wordpress and AWS Mike made a quick video on how to build a Handshake site using,, and Amazon with as the TLD registrar.
This tutorial was created soley by Namer skyinclude/.

Gatsby and Github Pages

In this tutorial @kiba_gateaux does a quick run through of how to deploy a site to github pages and access it with a Handshake domain name. In just 10 minutes you can have a website at your own personal TLD!
This tutorial was created solely by Namer kiba_gateaux/.


Skynet and Arweave

Level 3 - Custom namserver


GitHub - Mattsky/HNS_howto
Setting up a Handshake TLD with a hosted DNS service
DEV Community

Level 4 - HTTPS

Sebastian Rasor - Hosting a secure website on the Handshake protocol using DANE
Building a secure website on your Handshake TLD
Using HNS websites securely
How to view DANE/TLSA websites on Handshake with Firefox