Create Handshake websites

Walkthroughs for building websites on Handshake names

One of the most straightforward use cases of Handshake names is to set up a website on them. Pick any guide below to help set up your first Handshake website! You can also use Handshake names in these other ways.

Community guides

Below are all guides and tutorials created by Namers.

Any HTML file on Github Pages

Host any HTML file on your Handshake name through Github Pages. The template used in the video can be accessed at templates.nb/.

This tutorial was made possible by Namer @namerninja

Punycode on Vercel

This tutorial was created soley by Namer @skyinclude/.

Wordpress and AWS Mike made a quick video on how to build a Handshake site using,, and Amazon with as the TLD registrar.

This tutorial was created soley by Namer @skyinclude/.

Gatsby and Github Pages

In this tutorial @kiba_gateaux does a quick run through of how to deploy a site to github pages and access it with a Handshake domain name. In just 10 minutes you can have a website at your own personal TLD!

This tutorial was created solely by Namer @kiba_gateaux/

A secure website

Basic guides

Below are some basic guides to help you get started.


Skynet is a decentralized file hosting service you can use to host any HTML file.


Vercel offers many templates that you can use to build your website, hosted on Vercel.

GitHub Pages

Github makes it really easy to set up a quick page on your Handshake name through their Github Pages themes.