Transferring entities

A guide for transferring Handshake entities

Transfer in HNS

From BTC

Use this guide to transfer BTC to your Namebase wallet to convert to HNS

From another HNS wallet

You can transfer HNS from another wallet directly to your Namebase wallet using the address on your dashboard. Due to the current volatility in Handshake's hash rate, Namebase confirms HNS deposits after 20 blocks, which typically takes 3-4 hours. Namebase will decrease the number of blocks needed to confirm deposits as the hash rate increases and stabilizes.

Transfer out HNS

If you're outside of the USA, you can use Namebase Pro to transfer out your HNS — please note HNS transfers currently take 20 block confirmations to complete.

If you're inside the USA, unfortunately due to regulations you're currently unable to transfer out your HNS though you can always sell it for BTC or USD.

Transfer in Handshake Domains

To initiate the transfer, please transfer your name to your Namebase HNS wallet address, which you can generate through your dashboard. Once you've sent the TRANSFER and FINALIZE transactions (these must be spaced a couple days apart), the transfer will automatically process in 20 block confirmations.

Transfer out Handshake Domains

We're currently building a tool for Namers to easily transfer their Handshake names to external HNS wallet addresses. For now, please email with your request.