HDNS is a public DNS resolver that supports Handshake domains

HDNS provides a public DNS resolver with Handshake support available at the following IP addresses:

Once you've configured HDNS (instructions) you can visit Handshake domains directly in your browser (i.e. try visiting welcome.nb/ once you've configured HDNS). You can also use HDNS programmatically in applications to query Handshake domains just like you would use a traditional DNS resolver like Cloudflare's or Google's

dig @ niccarter
dig @ welcome.nb

DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)

HDNS offers DNS-over-HTTPS resolvers with support for wireformat queries available at:


You can use curl's DoH flag to query Handshake endpoints in shell scripts easily:

curl --doh-url https://query.hdns.io/dns-query http://welcome.nb/

Here's an example on how to query the DoH resolver in Node.js. Note that you must install the dohjs package first.

npm i dohjs
const doh = require('dohjs');

const resolver = new doh.DohResolver('https://query.hdns.io/dns-query');

const getTxt = async (name) => {
	const response = await resolver.query(name, 'TXT');
	if(response.answers.length > 0){
		response.answers.forEach(ans => console.log(ans.data.toString()));

(async() => {
	await getTxt('f44ca263-6f26-410d-a08a-ac3bb0f7c480._auth.johnxu');
	await getTxt('f44ca263-6f26-410d-a08a-ac3bb0f7c480._auth.qq.johnxu');
	await getTxt('f44ca263-6f26-410d-a08a-ac3bb0f7c480._auth.vv.johnxu');

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